Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Microsoft's HARDWARE

As we all know, Microsoft invested in developing Operating systems and left hardware to its partners. (There are some exceptions of course, but they are few!)
This may be changing, rumors say that Microsoft is developing its own Windows Phone Hardware. According to media reports on Friday, Microsoft is working with Asian suppliers to create a new Mobile phone.
Microsoft has not yet publicly acknowledged the rumors, and they say that, they believe in their partners and together they will launch Windows Phone 8 to the Market.

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2 σχόλια :

  1. Windows Phone Development
    may be the latest smart phone platform, but it has already taken significant market share and poses a big aggressive threat to iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

    1. Microsoft is a giant in PC OS's, but Apple and Google left it behind in Smartphone's platforms and OS's, so now has to develop an exciting mobile System(Os and Platform) in order to be competitive with the other most popular brands. That means that their new smartphone with Windows Phone 8 has to be better than any other smartphone nowadays or they will completely lose the war.