Monday, November 5, 2012

MT6588 quad-core devices

The MT6588 quad-core devices hasn’t been officially on stores yet, and now we have words from this Taiwan-based chip manufacturer; MediaTek that they will be releasing the MTK6599 chipset, which is an 8-core CPU chip with LTE support just before the end of 2013.
Mediatek MT6599 with 8-core and LTE
Mediatek MT6599 with 8-core and LTE

MT6599 CPU chip characteristics
  • supports LTE
  • uses 28nm conversion process, pretty much better than the MT6588′s 40nm (the lower the number, the better)
  • uses A7 architecture which consumes less energy than A9
  • it now has double graphics performance and by Imagination SGX544 3D functionality
  • made with SRAM free driver IC to reduce the cost of the panel
  • able to support up to 13 megapixels camera quality
  • has a price of only $18 to $20 per chip piece, relatively cheaper with its competitor; Qualcomm S4 at US$30 – US$40 price tag

Expected trends with the rise of MT6599 devices

  • Quad-core smartphones that are produced by Chinese manufacturers with prices of $320 will go down to $150 or less.
  • We will se the Krait 1.7Ghz MSM8960A in the near future, this is same product with Quad-core MSM8974 dual-core, rather than next to the launch of the 8225Q.
  • It will be a 50-50 percent estimated ratio of proportion for MT6583/MT6588 and the MT6599 chipset on the fourth quarter next year.
  • MT6588 will maintain an overall ASP of just $10 above.
  • Chinese market will be flooded with smartphones of 13MP CMOS snappers.
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  1. 8-core mobile CPU? Are you serious? In the near future we will have powerful PCs in our pocket every time!

    1. It will be great! I look forward to see Antutu Benchmark Results!